Gully Boy : The Review

Dear Zoya, thank you for your realistic, entertaining and refreshing 3 hours.

Gully Boy, as name defines what you are going to see for next approx 153  minutes. Director Zoya  Akhtar‘s deep research, writer Vijay Maurya’s mind-blowing dialogues, Zoya and Reema Kagti’s awesome screenplay and brilliant acting by not only Ranveer Sing and Alia Bhatt, but by each and every artist appears on the screen, make this movie a must watch.


And yes, who could forget the music and raps which spreading like an anthem. It’s a musical base film so there is a lot of contribution by many but Divine and  Naezy have become the eye of the town as this film is inspired by their life.

This story is based on the underground street rap talent of Mumbai and actually, it shows how much talent is getting wasted because of lack of platform all over India. Murad (Ranveer) is a slum boy in Mumbai who is suffering from lots of hurdles in his life, including family and carrier. Murad is an ambitious boy who wants to earn name and fame but he doesn’t know what he has to do. He wants to run away from the hell he is living. Ranveer amazingly justifies each and every situation in the film. You find attached with his eager and anger every time.


He ultimately finds his way when he meets with MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi), the rapper. Sidddhant has also played an up to the marked role. We have also seen him in various web series, one well known is Amazon’s Inside Edge. What a fine actor Bollywood has found.

Murad’s girlfriend Shafina (Alia Bhatt) is another ambitious character of the movie. She wants to become a doctor but society every time tries to kill her ambitions. Which made her a hard and rough girl. Alia has proved herself yet again, you get lost in her beauty and acting skills.

Prakash Raj, playing the role of Murad’s father is awesome as always. And the good thing about Gully Boy is you can’t admire only a few artists, work of every individual is up to the mark. For that, we should appreciate the way how artists were selected.

Conclusion, a must one-time watch craft. You will not feel a single moment wasted in the hall.

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