Do you have an account in Instagram and want to monetize through it?

Then you are at the right place now, in this post, I am going to share some ways through which you can earn a good Cash just posting photos to your Instagram.

If you love to take Photos of yourself or post anything which attracts others to follow you and give a love what you post then you can make your Instagram into a money-making business.

There are several ways you can earn using Instagram.
1. Affiliate Marketing:  You can become an affiliate of top online sellers and recommend your follower about a product they can buy. If they visit and buy a product using your Affiliate link than company pays commission for every sale made by you. Commission varies from product to product and company.
Now a day’s People are making A Handsome amount just by doing affiliate.

2. Sponsorship: If brands found you can do a good branding of their product than they pay you to promote their product in your social platforms. Just like you usually find stars promoting brands in there Instagram or other social platforms.

3.  Own Brand: Do you dream of having your own product range and start your business, then here is a great opportunity. For example, you can start your own Tshirt brand and can promote it through your post. Your followers can buy products directly from your website. Also, you can give a good discount, especially for your follower. And can earn a good business from Instagram.

But what if you have just started using Instagram? You don’t have the follower in thousands or millions.
Sometimes it happens you post good Photos but still not able to grow followers as your thoughts.

Then these tips can help you to grow your Number of followers.

1. Your Profile: Anyone who chooses to follow you firstly visits your profile. So, try to have a good DP (Display picture) and with that strong Bio. With good DP & BIO, you can attract others to follow you.

2. Your Post: Instagram is all about Pictures, Try to post a good quality photo. Everyone loves to watch what soothes his/her eyes. If your pictures are not of that quality than chances are less than others will follow you. Also, try to post Videos videos create a great post.  So try to take good and quality pictures/Videos to post in your Instagram account.

3. Post Regularly: Sometimes we create an account and post rarely. Remember Posting regularly is a kind of work you need to complete your task of gaining followers. Try to post at least One post daily. It increases engagement with your follower and helps you to gain more follower.

4. Hashtags:   Hashtags plays an important role in promoting your posts. Try to use 10-15 hashtags which are relevant to your post. Proper hashtags help other to find a similar profile or post and it helps you to gain follower easily.

5. Engagement: Try to Like and reply Every comment in your starting days. By doing this followers find them self-valuable. It makes them attached with you and they start waiting for your Post. Which converts them into loyal follower?

I hope this post will help you to gain both Followers and Money on Instagram. If you found any others methods than please do comment.

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