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If you are a foodie and want to earn from what you eat than this blog is for you.

Recently I was surfing around YouTube I found a video where 2 guys were eating huge Pizza.
When I jump on video what I saw left my mouth open that video has got views more than 1.5 million, this got my attention and I check their full challenge.
The 1st video got uploaded on their channel was dated September 13, 2017. Till now they have uploaded 70+ videos and guess what maximum of their videos have views in millions.
Now channel has got more than 1.2 million subscribers, they upload 2 videos every week and name of the channel is VIWA FOOD WORLD.
Millions of subscribers just in 1year and what good is you are eating and sharing it with the world.
After that, I found more videos related to Foodies in and around the world.
So, if you are in love with food try to cash it. Start your YouTube channel; upload videos regarding food you eat. Make videos of restaurant food joints; shoot street food available in your city and yes if you can love cooking you can start a Cooking channel also. You can also start a channel on healthy food as there is an increasing population who is turning towards healthy food habit.
What is best if you will be earning from what you love the most. Although there are lots of channel making videos on the food you can also earn lots of subscribers if you do it in your own style. Don’t forget  Verry one love to eat delicious food especially we Indians lives for food.

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