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Are you dreaming to be next big youtuber like BB Ki Vines, Technical Guruji Etc? Have you started channel but not getting growth what you dream? Then its time to get enrolled to a course known as YouTube Sutra started by Abhinav Prateek aka Abby Viral and Mohammad Shakeel aka Cool Mitra.

Now a day’s YouTube is not just an App to watch videos, it is providing a career opportunity to become famous, show your talent and with that earn money and fame. But every other 3rd person has created his channel out of that only a few get the success that gets subscribers and views.

So, the two big Youtuber came together to help you out create a successful youtube channel.
In this course, you will learn Everything you need to know to become a successful YouTuber right from picking right category and category which is still not explored. You will also learn facts and figures, basics like channel art, thumbnail, tags, description, video & audio editing, stats, and analytics.

This is not the end of the list they will help you to get sponsors, doing collaborations & brand approach, the case study of successful youtubers. What comes in bonus is you get a Private live stream from Youtubesutra to monitor your progress and clear your doubt.

The course will start on 15 November 2018. For registration, you can visit or give a call to 8448444734. The course fee is Rs.10000+1800(GST).

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Youtube Sutra

Don’t wait to get yourself enrolled. I believe if you want to take youtube as your career you should join this course.
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