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Low sales or increasing Competition

Are you struggling with low sales and an increase in competition in your business? Well talking frankly this is now a more common problem in every corner of the world. So, if it is a problem then there should be a solution and only your Customer (consumer) can help you out.

You might be thinking, HOW??

If you are a big brand a business giant than there is a lot of options available with you to promote your business to the targeted Consumers but what if you are running a small cafeteria or a store in the city then it became hard to have a huge advertisement budget.

Here comes the power of the internet.

It’s a well-known fact that almost everyone is present in social media, especially Facebook. now to increase the sales presence of your business on Facebook is the call of time.

You might be aware of the facebook page, yes the one you follows of celebrities and big brands, its free for everyone you can have one for your business as FB says.

So, If you still don’t have a Facebook Business page than go get it right now.

Well if you have already created a Facebook page than its time get to the next step that is making your customers aware of your business.

This can be done by inviting them to like your business page, you can do this just by inviting them to like your page and asking your friends and family members to invite their FB friends to like your page.

As per my experience, half of them will now pay attention to invite notification it could be because they might be not interested or they didn’t live in your city. Locals might get the suggestion from FB about your business but it has the least chances.

So, what to do now? to get notice what we do is invest an amount in the advertisement in the local newspaper or roadside ads which I believe does not cost a penny. Try putting a budget for promoting your Facebook business Page by paying as low as Rs.40 per day in India, you can do it for a minimum of one day.

Now by paying FB for promoting or by simply inviting your friends if you have got a good Customer liking your page, its time to regularly post in your business page about services or products you are offering to them you can also use facebook tag option by tagging other in your post.

Is it Really free?? Well in the beginning or you can say a few years back it was easy to have a good engagement with those who liked your page, but now your page should have a good amount of post per day as Your customers will see post from every page they follow and it became hard to find a page who didn’t keep continuous  engagement with its followers.

So, you need to keep posting daily something which makes consumer connected with your page. If there is any special offer running in your store you can post under offer also you can share if there is any city Facebook group running. you can also boost your post by paying a daily amount to facebook.

Well, most of you might be thinking is it worth paying FB to promote your business. I guarantee you will find a sudden increase in your sales and customer footfall towards your store as now your best offers are visible to them. I have my clients for whom I have been doing this and results are awesome they find themselves ahead of there competition.

You can install Facebook Page manager App to easily manage your business page.

If you run a local store and believe you have got some Idea how you can grow your business using Facebook.

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