What are the best ways to earn from home?

Earn online from home

Money is honey… you will hardly find anyone around you who didn’t want to earn. You can’t buy everything from money but money can get you most of the things you want in life… some time loves too.

So if you are a housewife, a student or want to have extra money in your pocket just by giving a few hours daily you can earn a good amount just sitting at home.

And if you started earning a good amount by investing few hours daily, you can convert it to full-time work and believe me people are earning a good respectable income by work I am going to share with you.

And the best part is you didn’t have to invest single penny all you need is a smartphone and JIO sim (just kidding use your fav operator).

So business I am talking about is dropshipping…

What is dropshipping??

Well, the simple answer is another person delivers goods for the sales you generated and you get the commission on every sale you did.

well, I was searching for a good drop shipper in India and after a quick search, I came around a Meeshoo.
ye,s this is an Indian startup making drop shipping easy in India.

There are a lot of people earning money with Meesho just by selling products listed on their app. People selling products are called Resellers and resellers start their business with zero investment and many are making a lot of money.

So how to start?

Download Meesho app from googles plays store first.

You can log in using your mobile no. and the app is available 7 different languages.
After login, you can update your payment and other details in the app.

Share products from Meesho app to your friends and family over WhatsApp for starting. When somebody shows interest in buying, quote them a price inclusive of your profit.

Remember, you make a profit on each sale when someone purchases your product. If you sell more and meet weekly targets, you earn an extra cash bonus.

You decide your profit margin in the products you sell. Products are available in different categories.

What is good about Meesho is they provide COD and easy return to your buyer.
so they can return the product if not find good for them.

You can find more help from help@meesho.com. Or visit www.meesho.com/

So join Meesho as a reseller and start earning.
Best of Luck.

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