Pawan Lata Josshi : An Emerging Name In The Fashion Industry

Pawan Joshi

“Through highs & lows, your supporters and your foes, with an attitude and a never stopping you. All create a path of success” to which he adds, “nothing has fascinated me more than Fashion.”

Mr. Pawan Lata Josshi, an emerging name in the Fashion industry mentions how in a life full of pragmatic people, he had to encounter enviousness also how beautiful had it been to emerge over all of it with flying colors.

The beguiled trendsetter spent most of his childhood with defence associated father and housemaker mother in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

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Soon after schooling, graduated from renowned Delhi University with a fashion Degree. Hence, proving the people who underestimated him wrong!

However, it was the beginning of his coming struggles and victories.

Leisure hobbies include traveling and music. he finds them to be the true inspiration for his ideas.

Mr. Pawan Lata Josshi, debuted in 2007 as a designer in ‘Delhi Fashion Week’ his specialization incorporate traditional and exotic apparel.

Worked with the International Export House, Delhi as chief Merchandiser for a time span of 3 years, until a thought struck his mind.

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the love for nature brought him to the green city Haldwani. Drifted the city with his sense of Fashion conducted ‘ The Haldwani Fashion Week’ no doubts, it had been a huge success. Brought Together Amateur designers, models, strugglers under one shade which he calls Fashion and is now looking forward to converting the city into a fashion hub!

The man is quintessential to many for the determination he shows. yet believes in serenity and staying down to earth.

Mr. Pawan in his career had conducted 25+ shows as a designer.

Needless to say, the interactions recognized him as the guest of honor and head in the judgment crew for various events. To name some: Pantnagar University Fashion Week, NIT Srinagar fashion Week, Haldwani Fashion Week etc.

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Currently, he is working with well-known faces of Bollywood and fashion industry. He has dedicated himself towards this project and says, “it feels great to meet new people and most worthy of all is the experience”, from which he is getting to learn a plenty of things.

Concludes with a message,
‘Life is a chaos of gorgeous moments, capture them to live to the fullest.’

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