Dr. Savita Joshi : Promoting Uttarakhand Folkart “AIPAN”

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Dr. Savita Joshi, born and brought up in Haldwani, Got her Ph.D. in Botany from D.S.B Campus Nainital in 2014 and worked as a research fellow in some research projects there.  After Marriage, she settled in Gurugram and now working as a freelance research paper reviewer for some research Journals.

Aipan savita joshi w3canvas
As an Artistically inclined girl, she has a passion for State (Uttarakhand) folk art “AIPAN”. In Dr. Savita Words, “I learned this traditional art from the elders of my family. I would watch my Mother and Grandmother make Aipans, Aesthetically inspiring auspicious designs from red soil and wet rice paste on the floor of the house and Pooja room.”

Aipan, which once adorned walls and floors, has been replaced with plastic stickers now. This traditional Aipan art, invoking Gods with finger-painted motifs, is now all but lost. While surfing Instagram she found there are so many artists in India working for promoting their traditional Folkart  like Madhubani, Mithila, Mandana, Mandala and many more but a few artists working on Aipan Art especially in the traditional way where the fingers work as brush and rice paste is the paint

Aipan w3canvas
So she decided to create an Instagram account and named it “Aipan  Enthusiast”. While she was gathering Literature and information regarding this Folk Art one of her family friend Dr. Jitesh Bhatt send her a book named  “ऐपण” which contains all the information about various  Aipan designs, pattern, motifs, and their significance.

She Started making Aipan keeping it close to traditional roots, she induces an intellectual edge into her painting. This gives her work more contemporary attractive look and shares its richness globally. Now People from Uttarakhand and other states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and West Bengal showing their interest in this Traditional Artwork and now she is getting orders of Aipans.

Take a look over her beautiful Aipan designs which speaks about the rich culture of Uttarakhand.

Aipan w3canvas Aipan w3canvas Aipan w3canvas Aipan w3canvas Aipan w3canvas Aipan w3canvas Aipan w3canvasAipan w3canvasAipan w3canvasAipan w3canvasYou Can follow her work on her Instagram Aipan  Enthusiast

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