Shadow Under Shining India : Children’s Day Special


I am a proud Indian, an Indian who is enjoying the freedom and most of the available facilities. But the meaning of freedom changed a lot for me when I saw few children selling flags on road for their survival on the occasion of Independence day this year. The day when our nation takes the shower of patriotism and every single movement is enough to feel the Goosebumps. The day when I was thinking of how far we have traveled since our independence and enjoying every single moment, these children were seeing a new hope for their survival. Their eyes were shining that at least today they will earn some penny.


Today on the occasion of Children’s day we are celebrating in schools, colleges, coaching centers everywhere, but don’t we need to think about why this meaning of independence and equality is different for different segments of society?

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One side we are creating a shining India but we are unable to see the other side of this where the shadow of bigger India hiding something from us, the cries of starvation, child labor and unhealthy children.

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I never saw any kind of interest of our government and society on the issue of children begging. Our so-called high society just ignores them with an eye of hate. We just pretend that they actually don’t exist.


These children are the real future of our country. And I don’t think that we should compromise on any brick while constructing a home. So it’s our duty to make every individual strong and contributing.


So for me ‘Children’s day’ will be ‘Happy’ when every single child could ‘feel’ its childhood blossom.

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