Being Homo-sapiens: Humanity The Unknown Religion


वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (the whole world is our family)

This is the statement which makes me proud that I am the predecessor of these kinds of ancestors, whose thought level make us different from others. India is the only country which contains a canvas of every color and a plate of every taste. And this is our USP which makes India ‘The India’.


But somewhere we are ignoring our heritage now. Everyone is getting apart from each other. Sometimes I just lost into the concepts of Hollywood fantasy movies where aliens attack ‘our earth’ and whole world unites to save the earth. Just imagine if it happens, are we in the position to be united? We are in a position where not only countries fighting with each other but an individual country is fighting with itself. But I think the only alien attack could unify us because then every religion will be in danger as the aliens will be of a different religion.


Jokes apart but maybe these Hollywood movies indicating us that the attack is not going to happen from another planet but the war is already open by the side of our so-called ‘Political Leaders’. Because Politics is the new religion which is trying to overlap the each and every religion alive on the planate earth. I don’t need to explain it by any means. We know all the rules of this so-called Political religion.

History is witness every time when India got captured by evil powers it could only happen because we were divided. History tells how this strategy was acquired by every Indian emperor and by the British. The same concept is followed by our new ‘democratic emperors’. This is the time for us to get unified and fight against these ‘allian attacks’. We are one, that’s why we are Indian. Religions are there because Humanity is here.

It is summarized by a YouTuber in two and a half minutes of rap cum poetry.

“chalo apne apne dharm ko bachao, kya rakha hai Hindostan me..

satta ka isse aashan rasta aur kahan, jo hai is Hindu-Mushalmaan me..

insano ko to baant hi dia hai hare aur keshariya paridhaan me..

to ek pakistan aur bana lo dharmo ki shaan me..

chalo chhodo apne apne dharm ko bachao, kya rakha hai Hindustan me..”

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