Alert for Android Mobiles: Google apps are no more free now

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Alert for Android Mobiles: Google apps are no  more free now

We know that Google provides free Android operating system to Android phones. Google doesn’t charge mobile companies for its apps, instead Google asks Mobile companies to provide its apps like Gmail, Google music, Google photos, Google maps etc pre installed on their devices. But few months’ back Google has been penalized 5.1 billion Euros for that. Allegations were that Google is forcefully asking companies to install its apps on devices, which is against the market competition laws. by this Google is trying to acquire the android market.

Because of that Google has changed its policies. Now Google is planning to charge Companies for its apps which were free of cost till now. The news is Google will charge 40$ per device (INR 2900 /- approx) to mobile manufacturers. This will be applicable only on European countries initially, India will not get affected by this. The chargeable amount may be different for different countries. The news is Google will give a part of its income to the mobile companies which Google will get through ads from its apps.

In July this year European Union has penalized Google 5.1 Billion Euros which is the largest amount of penalty in the history of Google. The same will be applied on every android device launching from October 29th. It may also affect the mobile rates in near future.

Mobile manufactures after this news -> Maar daalaaaaa…….. B )

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